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On the future of coaching

July 12, 2022 Angelos Derlopas
Coaching with POSITIVITY! In life, at work, with teams.
On the future of coaching
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Show Notes

On the future of coaching with Benita Stafford-Smith for WMC
Podcast offered by WMC (Wise Masterful Coaches).

Benita (00:00):

It is my pleasure today to welcome Angelos Derlopas to the wise master coach video series on the future of coaching and is my extreme pleasure to introduce Angelo to you today. So Angelo is a master certified coach and accredited coach supervisor, and he has three decades of business experience, 20,000 hours of coaching. The experience he has clients in 100 countries, a conference presenter in three continents and has trained 1000 coaches. So I think that's why we call 'em. A wise masterful coach. His academic studies include an MBA in an MSC in psychology. He's a book author and editor and Angela coaches, executives, and teams through developmental dialogue to make shifts. So their authentic presence will emerge and flourish. His top values are justice and human rights. As you know, we gathered this year in Sicily as a group of master coaches, and we had some very generative and thought provoking discussion about the future of our amazing profession, which is coaching. Some of the discussions apply to the future of work in general, and some were specific to the future of coaching. I am really looking forward to this continuing exploration, your thoughts today on the future of coaching. So angels, please share with us your area of focus for today's today's discussion and your thoughts in this area.

Angelos  (01:25):

Thank you very much Benita. And yes, I would like to talk about the AI, the artificial intelligence and its application with coaching. It's been we have been observing for the last two years or maybe two years and a half ever since the first lockdowns with COVID that the so-called digital coaching platforms or aggregators, the big companies that are somehow the the, the entity between coaches and their clients had made coaching more popular. And, or that could be one way to rationalize that. And the other way would be the COVID and the lockdowns itself. And it made the technology more approachable, more it familiarizes all with with it, new technology. And it's it feels like a screen to screen interaction has replaced the face to face interaction. We now say face to face, we really mean screen to screen, right?

Angelos  (02:42):

Yes. And they still intimate. They're still connection. And it's amazing because we can connect deeply and meaningfully in so many ways and from, and from different countries, different hemisphere and different time zones that was not available before COVID. And I think we were people for the lucky, one of us that are still here. We had been much more in contact in connection and more frequently and I think more closely and AI has not been a problem has not been a, I don't think that AI has been that much present as we thought it would be. Remember three years ago, we were, we were having that first retreat with the wise masterful coaches in rose. No,

Benita (03:41):

That's wonderful. Wonderful. 

Angelos  (

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